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  5. How to create a bootable macOS Catalina USB install drive [Video];

This way I can have a fresh mac book. Help Translate iFixit.

Difficulty Easy. Steps 8.

How to make your own bootable macOS Mojave USB install drive | Ars Technica

Time Required 30 minutes - 2 hours. Sections 1. How to create a bootable USB drive 8 steps. Flags 1. Member-Contributed Guide An awesome member of our community made this guide.

*EASY* Make a Bootable USB Flash Drive (2019) - Windows, Linux, Android & Mac OS

Step 1 How to create a bootable USB drive. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel. Step 2. Step 3. Android Fix Kits. A new screen or battery is one kit away.

  1. How to Create a Bootable macOS Catalina USB Install Drive;
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What You Need

Step 8. Almost done! Nice work! You're done.

How To Create A Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive For Mac In OS X

You're Finished! Special thanks to these translators:. Author with 5 other contributors. You mean create a USB key from Windows? Hello, Yes you can but with this method, we must make a clean install. So, please sure you save all your data to another hard drive. Load more comments. If you have data on the drive that you plan to use you will need to transfer it to another drive, or get a new drive, as it will be completely formatted and erased. Depending on which version of macOS you are running, and the version you want to to install, you will either be able to get the installation files from Software Update in System Preferences, the Mac App Store, or you will have to obtain them from elsewhere.

The Mac App Store is probably the easier option, but there can still be difficulties depending on which version of macOS your machine is running, and if you were hoping to grab older installation files that can be tricky - we show you how here getting older versions of macOS. It goes without saying that you will need an internet connection to download the software and you may need it while installing the version of macOS if it needs to check for firmware or confirm your iCloud credentials. As we said already, how you get the installation files will depend on the version of macOS you are running currently and the version you want the installer for.

But stop before clicking to install - you need to copy this installation file before installing on your Mac if you want to have access to it to make the boostable installer. Instructions for that below.


If you are already running Catalina, Software Update won't show you the software as available to download, but you can still get the installation files from the Mac App Store. Again, don't click on install as you need the installation file for the next stage of this tutorial We go into more details about getting and installing the Catalina beta here.

We have the code you'll need for installing the Catalina beta via an external drive below. Luckily it can still be done, and we explain how to get old versions of macOS here. However, if you aren't running one of those newer versions of macOS - or you have access to a Mac that is - follow these steps to download the installation files of an older macOS. Here's how to get the macOS installation files for if you are after an older version of the macOS, and you aren't currently running Catalina, Mojave or High Sierra.

  • How to Make a Bootable macOS Sierra USB Install Drive.
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  • Now you have the installation files, we can move onto the process of making the bootable installer. You can also run the Mac operating system directly from an external drive rather than your built-in startup disk, this is handy if you are testing new versions of the Mac OS.

    The process is different to the one described above though, and we cover it here: Read about How to run macOS on an external hard drive here.