Firewire compact flash card reader mac

Firewire compact flash reader for mac

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Anonymous Pi. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Excellent fast CF reader I am a Mac user and I plugged this in to the computer with the supplied firewire cable, put a CF card in it, the computer recognized it and it downloaded the images very quickly. It came with two styles of firewire cables. It is a nicely designed small unit that can easily be carried to a job location taking up little space. It is purpose built to do only one thing well, read compact flash cards. It does that really fast.

BH's price is very fair. I will recommend this to a couple of friends. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from You get what you pay for This card reader is sturdy, well made.

The Lowdown on Using CompactFlash to Replace an IDE Hard Drive | Low End Mac

It comes with A and B fire wire. This card reader is used solely for CF1 and CF2 compact flash cards. It does not accept any other memory cards which is the only con for some users. If all you need is a compact flash card reader than this one is a gem. If you need a reader for various types of cards I would still recommend the Sandisk brand.

Uploading pictures from the reader, rather than the DSLR takes a fraction of the time. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Good Speed It really works. I Have a 24,6 megapixels camera and my RAW files are around 24 mb each, plus the JPG around 7 mb, so each image are around 30 or 40 mb. I have three x Compact flash cards, each of 16 GB, and my assistent use to take 20 or more minutes to download an entire card. It is really fast.

But sometimes I have some problems when I put a card inside with my macbook pro and i have to take it out and repeat the thing ,and it works.

I don't know what it is, but its not normal. That happens ocasionally. Both have very bad tolerances for guiding the card to the pins. I have to fiddle and finesse the cards to get them to seat correctly with the pins.

The quality of build is excellent. When I insert a memory card, it fits as if I was inserting it into my camera. How well it accepts memory cards was my biggest criteria for which I judged the reader. However, the transfer rate is excellent and I really notice it when I transfer photos from my 4 gig card to my computer.

I then shoot as normal but when I connect some of my cards to the firewire reader it wont read them or mount them for some reason. When I connect these cards to the usb reader they work fine and I can down load the photos but it is very slow. What is annoying me is that some cards work and others don't.

I have reset the PRAM on the mac but it makes no difference. I have changed the cable and it still doesn't fix the problem. Any other suggestions or feed back would be appreciated. I've had a similar problem. I restart the computer and the card shows up and usually transfers at that point. I also have the problem that some of the images will show corrupt.

I checked the pins and they all seem to be straight.

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Once I go to a USB reader the images transfer without a problem. It's very scary when you are told images are corrupt.

You are not alone. I can read very old 2GB SD cards, but no new cards will mount. So I took all my cards to the college where I teach and tried them on 21 card readers in the computer lab. Every conceivable card reader of various ages. Eventally found one reader that would read both cards, but didn't have any DVD to burn. Drove home, got DVDS, drove back, tried to read cards