Mac finder restore windows loop

My problem is no finder. After installing the OS X What step should I try next.

Another update: connections to NTFS devices are now much more reliable. Has Apple started pushing out stealth updates? Since then I have cataloged the following problems at least one of which may be related to the Finder issue discussed here :. Search in mail no longer works. I have a dual monitor system, using the external monitor as my main screen because it has more real estate.

I now have to log in every time I reboot. Tried everything to fix my finder problem but nothing worked! Have to Relaunch Finder or Killall Finder from terminal every time! Any ideas! Btw, I use Xtrafinder developed by a Vietnamese guy instead of Finder; so not sure if the problem is by Finder itself or by this app but i got the file management app back, finally. I follow all the troubles associated with Yosemite I updated 2 days ago.

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Most of if works fine. Sometimes it goes all the way to login-window and then it goes to black screen and starts all over again. The problem is still there. Then — out of the blue it freeze with a black screen and the restart-process begin all over again. I would back up your Mac and re-install OS X, that is not normal behavior.

But still, Mac should not reboot repeatedly. This really made only a minor difference — if any at all. Deleting the.

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I was having trouble even saving files before this from Photoshop. I was even having it freezing up upon opening an existing psd from a folder. Really — for me — it seems to have a lot to do with how many images are in a folder and that I have the carousel view enabled to make it easier to find an image.

That is when it comes to a grinding halt. I copied the Library back to the user folder and it solved my problem. Looked farther still finder will not open Pictures or Downloads.

Using Built-In Recovery Options

To make sure I had info in those folders I used time machine to go back almost 1 month. Also I mkes a folder with some trash files on the desktop. I move it to either downloads or pictures and it is no longer visible. Every Mac has a com.

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Do not forget the tilde in the path, without the tilde you will look in the system library folder, not where you want to be. Some messages are arcane but some might be obvious. Try creating a new account. If it runs smoothly, take a look at the Console logs again and compare. A lot of the scary looking messages are normal.

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Just look for something that could be obvious. But since having updated I cannot log into iMessage nor Facetime while I can login the app store, iTunes store, etc. And yes, I have repaired permissions in recovery mode and yes, I have reinstalled the OSX to no avail. At certain times, all Desktop icons and the Finder menu bar disappear. At that point, I cannot Shutdown, Restart or Sleep because does not work.

Finder does not respond to any keystroke combinations. Also, I cannot relaunch the Finder. Finder does not relaunch. The Dock is not affected. The mouse pointer still works. So, I can start apps that are in the Dock. When I start any app, the menu bar appears and the app responds to the keyboard and mouse. I can login to another account. This forces a logoff on my standard user account from which I switched — I have to supply an admin account and PW to do that. After reboot everything is back to normal.

There are no diagnostic reports of a Finder crash at the time of this issue. There are many Finder crash reports but none since installing This problem seems to coincide with occasions when Finder loses contact with another resource e.

11 Fixes for macOS Catalina Installation & Performance Issues

But, sometimes, I cannot find anything untoward. I would back up your files and everything with Time Machine and reinstall OS X, it sounds like you have carried over a corrupted something from an upgrade from a prior version. That should resolve it. Could also try creating a new user account and seeing if it happens there, which would indicate a local user preference corruption.

Less likely, but possible. I have exactly same problem like you experienced. May I know whether you have managed to resolve and how did you do that? I have the same problem. I have this problem on my work computer, which is on Yosemite, and my laptop. Did a clean install on my laptop, still happening. Worked perfectly. My library website is no longer refusing to scroll.

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Boo, Apple! How well did that work out, Apple? Now Apple are refusing to field support requests at Apple Australia for the Yosemite I was cut off when I identified the problem. Just abandoned and set adrift.

Well, screw you too Apple. Yosemite is broken and has been since day one! Apple Australia have fixed the problem.

It was all down to Yosemite permissions problems and the solution was to have a single admin user. Long process — 45 minutes and screen sharing with Apple. Now to see if I can remember it all to fix my other two babies. I used a separate password — not the iCloud password. I did it all manually on two other computers and it worked perfectly — I just clicked on the Users folder in Admin Test and gave myself my old permissions.

Rebooted in my old hard drive name after about ten minutes when the process had ended and away it all went with no further issues. Worth a look to see if it helps you too. Could you be a little bit more specific on what it was exactly that you did with that new Admin Test account? I have verified that on a new admin account e.

Check your Console Logs. It does sound like a Kernal Panic but the logs could tell you exactly what the problem is.