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I was told I had to buy the whole thing over again after spending over on expansions plus product etc. If it just fell apart you can buy a new one and transfer your license to it. Take screenshots and send to them. I have done this in the past successfully only issue is that mine broke apart again!

reFX Nexus (Mac)

Im fed up and looking foe a new software synth without an licenser. I suggest you move on to another synth. Not to mention the fact that it eats up a USB port for nothing. Totally, what sucks most about the dongle is that I only have 2 usb ports and now days multiple plugins requiresdongles. Its a pain in the ass, not to mention the customer service is terrible and they make you buy the software all over again when the flimsy thing falls apart, which it did on me in the first two weeks.

Great Article, there customer service is a nightmare to deal with anyway, I have some horror stories dealing with them. Then again, even Adobe has stated that piracy benefits their business, because it lets them remain the industry standard. Even I found Nexus through a pirated version, and wanted to pay for it, because it sounded great.

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The plastic cover of our dongle also broke, but I managed to tape it back together. That was the first warning sign. I was gonna buy nexus until I saw this USB-dongle shit. Sorry, seems like piracy is the way to go here. I would recommend turning to other great software synths, such as U-he Zebra. Nexus sounds great, but their fucked up licensing system just makes it unusable. I already bought nexus without that usb lincense shit and now i have to wait till i get money to buy that shit and then need to wait till i get that usb… man this sucks. Totally agree. Yamaha should let eLicenser for Nexus 2, Steinberg Key and Vienna Key, etc has a metal-made shell instead of the current fragile plastic one.

I was going to buy Nexus 2 today along with a few expansions, but after some careful consideration I will use the cracked version instead. My current eLicenser dongle already has some crackles on it. If this fragile piece of plastic shit stops working for some reason I will be forced to buy Nexus again!!! Fantastic plugin but what a piece of shit company in terms of customer service. Tell me about it.

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I agree the dongle is one of the dumbest things about this software, i take care of this dumb this more than my phone. Such a huge disappointment. I just graduated college, got a new job, and was going to celebrate by rebuilding my portable studio since I travel alot with legal, new software goodies. Way to treat your potential customers. Since I travel often, I do not have the time to be pulling out a usb hub just so I can have it plugged in.

I use a macbook pro so the ports are already used by my midi keyboard and hard drive in which I wanted to save the library in. A quick google search, however, led me to this new usb free alternative called Lethal. It is a rompler that seems really new. Im actually downloading the demo right now, but their intro video on their site, some user video, and the fact they are giving out a free, fully functional demo with sounds convinced me to give it a try. Im in no way affiliated with them, but just wanted to inform you guys who might be in a similar situation as me since they seem new.

Apparently you also get all extensions free until if you purchase.

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In any case, if they dont work out I will look towards Omnisphere next, but I was looking for something that I can use to find bread and butter sounds fast so i can focus on composition, not sound designing. If anyone has other potential alternatives to nexus, please let me know! Im glad theres so many others who feel my pain. I just broke my second e — licenser lost the first one and i really dont wanna buy another one. All the shit ive been working on though solely relies on nexus.

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I hope they realize soon enough or theyll lose everyone. Yeah, I guess this is the way to prevent piracy. But piracy might not be as bad for them as they think. Even Adobe has admitted that pirated software actually helps to sustain their position as the de facto standard in the industry because kids download the software first, learn to use it, get a job and then continue to use the same software , so it actually brings them more paying customers.

Besides, you need an adapter to use them with the new MacBook Pros.

I have moved away from Nexus a long time ago. U-He Hive for the win! Bought and used 1st Nexus plugins and expansions for many years until they decided not to support newer DAW and OS updates without forking over more cash. Anyway, this was years ago when they were first trying to up-sell Nexus users to the sequel. Do you mean to run Nexus 2 simultaneously on your MacBook Pro and desktop computer?

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You would need two USB eLicensers not sure if you could use the same license on separate eLicensers, though. As you can see, the whole USB key thing is really not too handy for anyone. Using a pirated version is a whole lotta easier. Or just getting another software synth to do the job. U-he Hive and Zebra are great alternatives! If they stop being so stubborn and abandon that kind of protection. They have done a great job with Nexus and has garnered a large amount of success and support from high profile users.

It has an appealing look and focuses your attention clearly on the main window straight in the middle.

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It has several tab selections which allows you to flip through the possible parameters. It is a comprehensive database of sounds than it is a synthesizer and it comes with a native library. It has a set of preset packs which can be easily loaded into the program.

How To Import Nexus 2 Skins & Expansions

At the beginning of the installation, in the first point of the instruction Mount reFX Nexus v1. For this reason, it is not possible to go to the third point of the instruction, because DAW does not see the Nexus at all because it is not installed.