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How To Type The Letter Ñ On Keyboard - Tech Pro Advice

This method focuses on the default Android keyboard app Gboard, though most other keyboard apps behave similarly. Tap and hold the n or N key. You can do this with either a capital or lowercase N. A list of characters will expand.

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Instead, for any vowel you want to add an accent , hold Option and the letter e, and then type the vowel. While it may seem like you will create an e with and accent mark , accessing the accent mark character is coded by pressing Option and e, so any vowel that comes after it will have an accent mark added to it. However, if you are drafting a large quantity of documents in Spanish, it can get cumbersome and tedious to constantly need to refer back to another document for the character you need. If you are a Spanish speaker using Spanish letters on a consistent basis, configuring your keyboard to a Spanish keyboard might be the most efficient for you.

To set this up, you first must go into your Settings or System Preferences , depending on what type of computer you have Mac or PC.

How To Type Letter Enye (ñ) on Laptop, Computer and Smartphone - NoypiGeek

The directions are slightly different for each. T here should be an option to choose Spanish.

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Select it, and click OK. Select your System Preferences section, and look for the icon called Keyboard. From there, you can edit your keyboard from the Input Sources section. If you check the box to Show Input Menu in Menu Bar , you will now be able to choose between Spanish and English keyboards from the top bar of your Mac. The big difference between Spanish and English keyboards is that your apostrophe key will no longer function the same way. Instead, the apostrophe key will immediately correlate to whatever vowel follows it. Autosuggest is quite useful though.

How To Type Letter Enye (ñ) on Laptop, Computer and Smartphone

To write the vowels with an accent, I hold down the 'Alt Gr' key on my keyboard while pressing the letter I have a windows computer in the UK. Bluetooth keyboard trick Go into language settings under the keyboard and select Spanish. The letters are otherwise the same but all of the special characters are now different. Still it is useful for typing in spanish. Get started. Topic: Spanish.

Maybe someone can add this missing information. April 20, I use the US-International keyboard in Windows 7, it works well. MeredithNa I agree Slogger. Much easier. April 21, Thanks in advance.

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For Linux well, Fedora users: You get the easy stuff, as far as codes to memorize and stuff Go into settings. Click "General" Scroll down to "Keyboard". And then "Add New Keyboard I hope this helped! Just press key "a" a couple of seconds and a menu will pop up with all the alternate writings.

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