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How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor

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Luna Display | Turn your iPad into a second display

Here's how: Open the join. Tap Tap here to share your screen now. Tap anywhere to return to join. Go to the Control Center itself and long tap Screen Recording. The Screen Recording menu is displayed. Don't see the Screen Recording option? Scroll down to the "Setup" section in this article to learn how to add it.

Luna Display

On the Control Center Screen Recording menu, tap join. A countdown is displayed and the recording indicator turns red.

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Here's how. Tap Screen Recording to add it the include list at the top of the page. This adds the Screen Recording option to your Control Center. For your iPhone or iPad to mirror its display to your computer, your device and computer MUST be on the same wireless network or be connected via Bluetooth. Swipe from the bottom of the screen on your iPhone or iPad to access the Control Center. Select your computer from the list of available devices, and turn Mirroring ON. On your Mac or Windows PC, start your join. Once you've got things working, it's worth checking out Duet's display options: If you click Advanced Settings , you can choose from a number of Display options to scale the output to your iOS device.

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  4. The pre-defined resolutions allow you to see either larger text or more desktop space, and Duet helpfully recommends which scale to pick based on device model. Check the box next to Mirror Display if you want to duplicate your Mac's desktop on your iPad rather than extend it. There are also options to enable Retina display mode, increase the framerate from 30 to 60fps, and switch the image quality from Regular to High, all of which require more device energy.

    How To Use Your iPad as A Second Monitor!

    If you click the cog wheel in the Duet menu bar applet, you'll also find some additional settings worth attending to. If your Mac has a dedicated graphics card then you can set Duet to use it exclusively for faster performance, alternatively you can limit it to the integrated graphics for energy efficiency. There are also menus to enable or reduce transparency on your iOS device display, an option to start Duet at login, and a link to change the Display Arrangement of your screens in System Preferences.

    Another option: Mirror your iOS device to your Mac

    For more information and support, check out the Duet Display website. Duet Display. Top Rated Comments View all. Every time I telecommute or work outside of my office. Used it yesterday, all day, in fact.

    AirPlay video from your Mac

    For a dual-monitor addict like me, it's a godsend. Tested on Macbook Pro 15 from and iPad pro from as well went thru the update process today; including a restart; and works terrific. First time I've really liked it! Anyway all good. Exactly right. Works great.

    How to AirPlay video and mirror your device's screen to Apple TV

    And although I use AirPlay for some purposes; the direct connection iPad Pro to MacBook Pro is really great for as an example using on a cruise ship or sharing a hotspot creating 2 screens for my stock market work and it is really helpful. I think I meant to reply to a different post; not my own lol.. I hope they read these comments and learn. You're all blaming the app basing your judgement on previous versions, but does actually anyone tested the update from December, 5, that is, yesterday?

    Plug in with USB-C and option to use an external display with touch or pencil support. Still trying to find a good alternative to Wacom, which their drivers are hit or miss and most of their products are clunky in the Cintiq line-up. Duet display is actually a terrible app.

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