How to make a pie chart in numbers mac

Small labels will appear telling you which part of the chart your cursor is on chart area , plot area , vertical axis , horizontal axis , or legend.

Creating Pie Charts In Numbers With an Other Slice

There are tutorials on how to format each of these areas, which you can jump to by clicking on the links. When you create a chart, 3 new tabs appear above the Ribbon under the heading Chart Tools.


The tabs will disappear when you are not working on the chart. To access them, click on the chart.

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The tabs are designed to help you format and edit the appearance of the chart. Questions, comments, concerns?

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Who We Are. Selecting Data Sometimes you may want to change the selected data. There are multiple methods of doing so.

Creating Pie Charts In Numbers With an Other Slice (#1484)

Inserting Chart without Selecting Data You can also insert a chart without selecting the data first. So using the names Jiles, Biles, and Stiles here, you would enter those three names in the first new column. You will now have names and numbers similar to what I have.

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  7. Now create your Pie chart and use the column with the name for the Name part of the Data and the count column for the Value part. Lemme know if any of that was confusing.. Attached Images Screen Shot at 1.

    Instead of doing C2: C13 in the formula, you can change that to C2: C and if there are no values after say row 13 or whatever then that's fine and as you continue to add rows, they will show up in the count. These formulas are designed on a set of data.

    How to find Apple's Numbers power spreadsheet features behind the simplicity

    So if you were you add new rows or columns, the expectation is that you'd update the formula appropriately. Using an arbitrary value like the I suggested, while will get you want you want, is wasting resources checking fields where there is no useful data. You are MUCH better off limiting the formula to rows that have valid data.. Help with a similar sheet?

    Build a Pie Chart

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