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They spread very well and give great coverage without needing a mixing medium. Unfortunately they keep moving. Ha ha They move well with the way the skin naturally moves, and it moves onto the clothing, and spreads and Super creamy in texture and easy to use. I think these would be hard to set for long wear time and stay power. Now the scary Acrylic Paints.

These come in Jars and are in a liquid state instead of a solid like the others mentioned above. I found these to be easy to use, very spreadable, and move with the skin. That last one is the best part. This stuff will not crack, no need to set, and once dried it will not move, rub off, or disappear.

When sampling I did notice that it had one level of coverage. Full coverage!

Kryolan TV Paint Stick, FS46, Stick

I can see with some stippling with a sponge or light handed brush stroke this could have more dimensions than one, full coverage. I feel that all options have their own niche to work within. I hope to play more with the Acrylics which really fascinated me and really spawned this review. Happy painting!

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American Cutie Beauty, Jamie. She thinks that a bare face is the most beautiful that you can be. I started to use lipstick when I was When I came to America, I wanted to collect dolls.

What about those little girls? That pressured me to show them my hair. I still feel so bad that I stooped to that level instead of having confidence.

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The first time that I was introduced to a white person in Africa, it was very positive. When I saw a white person, I thought, how different is that! Every time she came, she delivered good news and everyone was so happy to see her. I think that most people are being introduced to Muslims on the news hear and see only the worst things.

And so many protests are happening where a majority of the crowds have been non-Muslims. I hear so many comments about Americans being anti-Muslim, but I see the Americans that are hosting refugee dinners. People are reaching out to refugee communities and being more understanding. American principals really are built upon diversity.


I had no idea what to expect when I left. They saw so much trauma and horrible things. They adjusted to the life of not knowing what will happen next.

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We never grew up with a lot of babying. Concrete Eye Shadow — washed over the lids to soften out the Coffee Pencil, and slightly under the eye for contour.

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