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With Mouse Locator, you have an indicator on the screen that will instantly call out to you to show you where your mouse is on the screen.

Make the Mouse Pointer on Your Mac Bigger

Visual effects might really be your thing. This program allows you to choose from 20 different effects to accompany your cursor activity.

These go from sparks to fire, bubbles, a shower of stars and more. The effects are well designed yet you might want to turn them off after a while, as they tend wear you out a little. This ingenious little program literally lets you wrap your cursor around multiple screens, as the name obviously suggest. Those of you who work with multiple monitors will know the pain of dragging the cursor on large spaces. With Wraparound, all you need to do is approach it to one side of your screen to switch to that one.

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A real lifesaver. Similar to iCursor, this little plugin adds effects to your mouse movements. You can easily change colors and sizes of elements according to what needs to be revelaled on your screen.

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The features found in later versions of OS, including the newly revealed OS X Yosemite can probably replace the need for these customizations. You can dynamically see the mouse pointer resize as you drag the slider. With the advent of OS X El Capitan , Apple added a feature to dynamically resize the cursor when you have difficulty finding it on your display.

Once you stop the shaking motion, the cursor reverts to its original size, as set in the Accessibility preference pane.

If you've closed the Accessibility preference pane, go ahead and open the pane once more instructions are available a few paragraphs above. Just below the Cursor size slider , you adjusted previously is the Shake mouse pointer to locate item. Place a checkmark in the box to enable the feature.

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  • With the checkbox filled in, give your mouse a shake or shake your finger across your trackpad. The faster you shake, the larger the cursor becomes. Stop shaking, and the cursor returns to its usual size.

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    A horizontal shake seems to work best for increasing the cursor size. Give it a try; you're bound to find the combination that best suits your needs.

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